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Serving as State Senator for the 31st district has been an honor for me. It has given me an opportunity to be involved with some very important issues that affect our state in a very real way. Having a strong economy is important in generating revenues to support our educational foundation and basic human services. Part of having both a strong economy and effective educational system is also having a healthy environment to raise and care for our family and friends who mean so much to us.

The most rewarding part of my service has been meeting and working with so many great individuals in the district and across the state.

Today, we are in challenging and changing times.  It is important for us to remain focused on the positive and  on things we do well.  This is also an opportunity where we as Kansans can become better and stronger. Decisions being made at the state, local and personal level are causing us all to look deeper into how we tighten our belts, re-evaluate government services and yet still assist our neighbors.

We need to look at what industries have made us strong, sustain them and help them grow. But it is also important for us to diversify into new, promising technologies such as medical composites. Together, we can work to get our economy back on its feet.

Your participation in the process is greatly appreciated.